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The Ashtray

for when Fag Ends overflow.

The Ashtray: A Relaxed Buffyverse Prompt Community
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The SB Ashtray
A Buffyverse community for fanworks created for sb_fag_ends prompts.

Welcome to the Ashtray! Our sister community, sb_fag_ends, was created to provide frequent themed prompts to inspire people to produce short and miniature fanworks for the Spike/Buffy pairing. However - it was thought that the prompts might have a lot more inspiration to give, in the form of longer, more elaborate fanworks and even pairings beyond Buffy and Spike. It is for that reason this community was born.

You are free to post anything you like here - as long as it responds to something which has once been a prompt at sb_fag_ends. Inevitably, this gives the prompts something of a Spuffy bias, but do take them where you will.

  1. You must be a member of the community to post. To become a member you need to have a LiveJournal account set up (and be logged in!), after which you can click on Join!
  2. If your work is NSFW and/or contains graphic sex, graphic violence or strong language, you MUST post your content behind an LJ cut and comment on what the cut is hiding. Please also use cuts and warnings for discussion/depiction of commonly triggering subjects such as rape, abuse and torture. Use your noggin, essentially: if you wouldn't like to be seen viewing your work in a conservative office or you think it could blindside a friend with PTSD, put it behind a cut and tell us why!
  3. Additionally, all artwork larger than 500 pixels in either width or height must be put behind a cut. Thumbnail previews and sample icons (eg. three 100x100 images in a row) are fine, as long as they follow the rule above and thus do not depict NSFW and/or triggering subject matter.
  4. All fic and meta over the first 500 words should be placed under a cut (if not earlier). Nothing above the cut which doesn't meet the above rule.
  5. No flames and no plagiarism, simple as. Riffing on a theme and concrit are welcome, though please respect the creator's wishes in terms of feedback. This is for fun! It's not fandom bootcamp.
  6. Because it's always worth reiterating, this community is for fic, meta, vids, fanmixes, picspams/gifspams and artwork which responds to prompts from the sb_fag_ends commmunity. Otherwise you can do whatever you like - all lengths and characters are welcome!

You might like to include the following information when posting your work:
  • Title
  • Creator
  • Characters/Pairing
  • Rating
  • Setting
  • Summary
  • Prompt

Please tag your work! We use the following categories:
  • creator: [your name]
    (Please let us know in the author's notes what you would like your name to be and then be consistent - though feel free to ask a maintainer to bulk-change the name of your creator tag if you would like to change it.)
  • medium: [type of work]
    (This is either fic, poetry, filk, meta, vid, fanmix, imagespam, icons or art.)
  • setting: [when your work is set]
    (This is either pre-series, post-series, au, b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, b7, b8, b9, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 or a:atf.)
  • character: [the name of a character prominently featured in your work]
    (This category is currently under construction and will be added to over time, but you should use multiple tags, one for each individual character - please mention in your author's notes if there is another character tag you would like! Currently available for tagging are buffy, spike, giles, dawn, willow, xander, angel and illyria.)

All prompts are available for browsing on our GoogleDocs Spreadsheet and on Fag Ends under the prompts tag. You can orientate yourself by the theme tag too.

Since this is a new comm, it's very much still under construction, in particular the tagging and categorisation. If you have any suggestions, queries or problems, please get in contact with one of the mod team!




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